Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cooking Adventures

Since I started on Weight Watchers, I've really gotten in to cooking. I find that it really calms me and puts me in my old little world and it's just amazing to me to see things come together and make fantastic tasting items!! I turn everything out except what I'm cooking.

So I've taken some pictures of 2 recent dishes (on my cell phone, so I apologize for the poor quality) that I was excited about and that turned out well!

Dish #1 - Cheese Quiche from scratch:

This was the quiche going into the oven. It was supposed to be a spinach and cheese quiche, but the spinach wasn't defrosted by the time I made what you see below, and I didn't want to leave a bowl with raw eggs and milk in the fridge overnight.

And I can I just say that the finished project (below) looks YUMMY?!!??!??!?! I didn't have the spinach ready, but I felt like adding something extra, and so I just threw in the rest of the onions I had in the fridge. This was breakfast for me for about a week. O....M....G....

And then here's a great side shot of a slice of the best quiche ever (sorry mom!).

Dish #2 - Turkey Burger:

I attemped 2 first with this dish: I had never tasted ground turkey, let alone a turkey burger, AND I had never made my own turkey burger from scratch! Here's what it looked like in the bowl when I mixed it with onions and seasoning - the MOST disgusting consistency and feeling in between my fingers I have ever experienced. It was like the feeling you get when you chew your gum too long, and it goes from being "elastic" feeling to dissolved in 2 seconds. Ew.

So, it looks great, but here are the two patties I made (Justin wanted one). Still kind of yucky...

But, in the end - doesn't this look good? It was really tasty too - with a slice of cheese and some spinach leaves, on a whole wheat flattened sandwich bread. So all in all, I think I would make it again, because it was SOOO good, but I'm really not looking forward to touching the ground turkey again. EW - just had another nightmare flashback.


Sagira said...

Wow, those do look yummy. Care to share the recipe? :)

Karen said...

If can remember where I put them!