Saturday, November 22, 2008

The blog is back!

So, at the request of Susan, I've brought back my blog! I think the last blog I had left off my second or third to last semester at UNT!

I can NOT wait for it to finally have the first "real" snow. It's had 2 mini snows since October, and the first one stuck, but it was more of a frost. It's actually been an unusually warm Winter here, and it's very disappointing!! My first winter here, we had blizzards for 8 weekends in a row, from October to December. I loved it! And forunately, I lived close enough to work that I was one of the few who wasn't too worried about driving in. So pray for snow!!

As for Bailey, he will be 10 months old on November 26th, and as of this afternoon, he officially weighs 90 lbs! He's not overweight or obese, but he is freakin' solid!! (Especially if he sits on you). I do baby him and he is allowed on the couch and the bed. I know, I know, you can't believe I do that! Oh neither can I - he's just a super big teddy bear and he's very sweet. And he doesn't sleep in bed and at night he either sleeps in his doggy bed next to me on the floor or in his cage. And if I don't want him on the couch, then he's made to get off. He gives a pouty face, but he'll listen. Until he picks up a toy he notices and then he couldn't care less!He's my little baby!!And I know I posted these on Facebook and MySpace, but Justin and I took Bailey out in Woodland Park to see if Bailey could call on what he was bred to do, and he took to the fields and creeks like he was a natural!!!

Love you!! Remember to add this to your bookmarks/favorite places!!!

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