Saturday, July 2, 2011

Panic! at the Disco - BEST. CONCERT. EVER.

So I love Panic! at the Disco. Duh.THEY. ARE. AWESOME.

And yes, you have to have the exclamation point in their name, because that's legally how you write it.

Back in college, circa 2005, a friend of my boyfriend at the time knew that I liked "punk" music (Bowling for Soup, Blink 182, Simple Plan, etc.) and she handed me a purple burned CD of this group called Panic! at the Disco and told me I should listen to it because I should like them.

I had vaguely heard of them before in passing, but really had no idea who they were. At first, I thought "this is way too weird for me" and slightly wrote them off. But the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me until I loved them!! I hadn't really heard about them a few years later though, and they fell off my radar.

Until I was invited at the last minute to a concert in Denver with a work friend. It was for an artist that I had never heard of, but as we drove past the theater, I saw Panic!'s name on the billboard for a future date in June and FREAKED OUT!!!! Now, he had never even heard of them, but it was like they jumped right back onto my radar and I wondered what had happened to them!

So later that night, I did some research and found out they came out with a brand new album in March of 2011!! So I immeadiatley purchased this album on iTunes and bought tickets the very next PayDay. (This turned out to be a very smart move on my part because it sold out!!!)

I bought 2 tickets figuring that I would find someone to go with me, and at the very least, I would just go with myself. Either way - I WAS GOING. (Fortuately, my office has a super cool intern working with us who I really get along with and she was game!!) And…the best part????? She took video of a lot of the songs and I can not WAIT to see them!!!!!!

Turned out to be an AWESOME move!!!!!! The concert was last night and it lived up to every expectation - in fact, I'm sure it actually blew any expectations off the road and then waved at them as the concert passed them by - it really was THAT GOOD. At least for me.

So if you feel like it, go check out my photos from the event - but be advised, they were all taken from a cell phone camera at a distance, so apart from the colors, they probably won't look that different to you. But it will be an amazing experience that I will never forgt, and will NEVER regret doing.

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