Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Before and After

It’s time for yet another chapter in my wonderful hair story. My hair has been dyed too many times to count. It’s been everything from Strawberry blonde to black. It’s been a short little chin-length cut, and halfway down my back. Thankfully, though, I’ve never had a bob or shaved it all of. However, I’ve even received chili-bowl haircuts as a child (thanks mom and dad), complete with my dad combing it exactly like his hair when my mom was out of town. Talk about traumatic. I even blow dry it daily and use a good mix of my straightener and curling irons regularly.

So needless to say, my hair hates me. I don’t think I’ve had more than half a dozen good hair days in my entire life. And technically, part of it is genetics – my dad has thin hair – but I have put it though a lot of abuse over the years.

Long enough story short, my hair has really been getting long and I haven’t had it cut for a while. So it was long and probably not really healthy. I took the big “plunge” and told the lady to chop off all the bad stuff.

So...Before (not my best shot, but shows how badly I needed a cut):

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