Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Update

I got up early and caught up on some Food Network shows (Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals), while Justin headed out to go fishing in the great 80 degree weather we're finally getting!! I brought Bailey over to my parent's house since I'm dog-sitting Baxter while they're on vacation, and basically let them run around the house. Speaking of the house, the wind was INSANE!! Things were flying around everywhere - it blew all the petals off of all the tulips, the patio chairs were strewn all over the backyard, tree branches broke off of trees and flew around the neighborhood, and my parent's Hummingbird feeder flew off the tree and broke upon impact and their seed feeders all blew sideways and dumped all the seeds on the ground. Whoa. I did not stage these photos:

While the dogs ran around, avoiding flying objects, I watched another Hindi movie, called "Love Aaj Kal". It was a really great movie - good story line, good songs, and a tearful ending. Yea, I cried at the end of a Hindi movie - what of it? It was good!! I also finally got some laundry done - the nice thing about staying at my parents; I don't have to put in quarters to do laundry!

Then, I decided to pile on the sunscreen like I was going to the beach, threw on some shorts and a tank top and went to the dog park! I felt so guilty thinking about how nice it was outside and even though they were in the backyard, I just had to get them out and socialized!! Finally, after the park I took a very needed shower and gave Bailey a bath, then relaxed and planned out everything I would need for my fun-filled Sunday!!

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